Justin Bieber Might Release An R&B Album This Year!!

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Last month Justin Bieber posted a message on Instagram that said "If this gets 20 million likes Justin Bieber will release an album before Christmas"

Now the posts at this moment has not reached 20 million - it's around 11 million. However, we're hearing that Justin is working on an album!

Here's what we're hearing about the album! It's going to be an R&B album! He's calling it "R&Bieber" - that isn't the official name but that's what he's calling it right now. It may also include some high-profile collaborations and one of those people might be Drake.

Justin hasn't released an album since 2015. Justin has taken a lot of time for himself and has stayed away from the limelight. In his break from work he also got married and seems to be in a great space.

I haven't always been a HUGE Justin fan but I will say there are a lot of songs that I do appreciate. I know I'll definitely listen to the album when he drops it.

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