Lil Wayne Engaged To Australian Plus-Sized Model???

Here's some info on Lil Wayne's dating life!

He was married to Toya Wright from 2004 to 2006, they have a daughter together!

He also dated Christina Milian for about a year back in 2015.

And he had an on and off relationship with Dhea Sodano. They apparently were engaged at one point! That's photo of her below.

But now it seems like Lil Wayne has moved on because according to sources he is engaged to Australian Plus-Size model La'Tecia Thomas.

Here are a few of the clues, we know for sure the two know each other - they've been spotted at clubs together.

Recently she was spotted rocking a MASSIVE Ring on her ring finger and when one of her followers asked her where did the ring come from she said “From my Fiancé” - so the girl has confirmed that she’s engaged!

However she hasn’t confirmed who the Fiancé is! BUT if you go back to Wayne’s IG she’s ALLLLLLL up in the comment section!

She sends hearts and heart emojis - now she RECENTLY started doing this - so if she just got engaged to another dude but left these comments thats weird!

So what do you think? Is he Engaged????

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