Chris Brown Spotted Making Out w/ His Ex???

We Can Survive, A Event - Show

Ooohhh Is CB going back to an EX?!?!!? Ok I’m sure when I say that you’er thinking Rihanna or Karrueche - just stop, it won't happen!

But it does seem like Chris might be revising a different old relationship!

So earlier this year in April Chris was dating model Indya Marie -

HOWEVER they broke up because rumors started popping up that Chris had gotten a DIFFERENT ex-girlfriend Pregnant!! Ammika Harris!

However if you follow her you can see she doesn't look pregnant at all!! They could be old photos but IDK, I don't think she's pregnant!

And now Chris was spotted BACK with Indya Marie! They were seen at multiple places in LA on some dates and apparently seen making out at a House Party! According to sources Chris and Indya are taking it slow!

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