America's Most Famous Pastor Invites Kanye To His Sunday Service!

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Most recently Kanye revealed that he will no longer make secular music, he will only make Gospel music! He's also been hosting "Sunday Service" for awhile and now according to sources he's gotten an invite by one of the most famous Televangelist to attend their Sunday Service!

One of America's most famous pastors Joel Osteen has invited Kanye to attend his Lakewood Service where 45,000 people attend. Apparently Joel and Kanye talk from time to time and most recently Joel invited Kanye to Houston to attend his megachurch!

Apparently Kanye told Joel that he'd love to attend. Joel didn't ask him to perform, but it's Kanye so you never know what could happen. We're also hearing that Joel really likes Kanye and they talk a lot about family and faith!

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