Would You Wear THIS Viral Costume For Halloween?


Each year some company comes out with some CRAZY Viral costumes that has a lot of us saying "REALLY?!" - and this year is no different! So what's the viral costume?! If you guessed "Popeyes Spicy Chicken Sandwich" you guess RIGHT!

Yup, popular Halloween costume company "Yandy" released a "Sold Out Chicken Sandwich" Costume! The costume features a strapless velour bodysuit with two puffy sleeves, a velvet fried chicken midsection, plus ruffles to mimic lettuce and possibly Popeyes spicy Cajun spread. And just to remind people of the difficulty of getting their hands on one, stamped at the bottom are the words "SOLD OUT".

AND on top of that if you want to be a couple with your bestie, have them dress up as a "Cow" - so that they can be Chick-Fil-A - Popeyes competitor!

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