Massachusetts to Make Word 'B*tch' Illegal, $200 Fine & 6 Months in Jail

In an effort to crack down on offensive language, a Massachusetts lawmaker has launched an effort to make the word "b*tch" illegal in the state.

H-3719, championed by Representative Daniel Hunt, seeks to make the B-word illegal when it's used to "accost, annoy, degrade or demean" another person. Violators would face a fine of up to $200 or six months in jail, according to the legislation.

Among the bill's opponents is Jim Manley, an attorney with the Pacific Legal Foundation. He says turning Hunt's proposal into a law would be a direct violation of the First Amendment, which protects the right to free speech. "You cannot ban a word when it's used to annoy someone but let them use the word when they are using the word in a positive way," Manley says. "Legislatures can't just pluck words out of the dictionary and ban them."

If this passes, which I feel that it won't, how would they regulate it?

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