Three Reasons Why Zoë Kravitz Will Make An Amazing "Catwoman."

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So by now you've might have heard that Zoë Kravitz has been named as the new "Catwoman" in the upcoming Batman movie starring Robert Pattinson!

Now I don't want to be a huge hater so I will give Robert a chance but still, I can't get his Twilight character out of my head!

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Now I might have not liked Robert being casted, but I'll give him a chance. HOWEVER I love love love that they casted Zoë in the role as "Catwoman."

I'm a huge fan of hers, yes she has extremely talented parents - Lenny Kravitz and Lisa Bonet BUT she really has made her own mark in the industry! So here are a few reasons why I think she'll make a GREAT "Catwoman"

She knows what it's like to be a part of a huge franchise - she was in the last two "Fantastic Beasts" movies which are part of the Harry Potter franchise! She played "Leta Lestrange".

She's one of the stars of Big Little Lies and this past season you really get to see her emotional range as an actor. Her character Bonnie went through so much pain this past season, she did a great job!

She's ALREADY played "Catwoman" - Ok so maybe it was just the voice part in The Lego Batman Movie - but still, she has experience!!!

We're not the only ones that are excited for Zoë check out what Jason Momoa said about her landing the role. If you don't know, Jason has been with Zoë's Mom since 2005. So he's a big part of her life!

The only bad thing about the new Batman movie is that it won't be released until 2021 AND we actually don't know if Zoe will portray "Catwoman" or just Selina Kyle, the woman who becomes "Catwoman." I'm hoping we get to see that!

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