T.I. Explains Why Nicki Minaj Didn't Make His Greatest Rappers List!

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So the other day T.I. unveiled 50 Greatest Rappers of All Time. Some people noticed that Nicki Minaj was NOT on that list! The debate on whether to add her or not came around when he and his friends were discussing Lil Kim and Nicki!

T.I. said that Nicki Minaj and Lil Kim couldn’t both have slots on the list because “they are a direct reflection of one another.”

His comment sent Nicki’s fans over the edge and they took to Twitter in disapproval and even attacked T.I. saying,

“@Tip why is Nicki Minaj not on the list when she’s definitely a better rapper than 90 percent of the people you listed (including yourself) and has had a better career than most of them (including yourself)?

Others took aim at T.I. choice of females to collab with, “Not @Tip questioning Nicki’s impact on female rap when he has songs with Iggy.”

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