Can Margot Robbie Save The "Suicide Squad" Franchise??

When I saw the trailer for the first "Suicide Squad" movie I was VERY excited! Why? Well let's be honest Marvel has been on top with comic book movies, they just always win! That's why I was excited for DC, it seemed like they had a winner on their hands.

However - the film just...well, fell flat for me! The villain was dumb, the special effects in the end were bad and I never had enough time to fall in love with these characters. It also felt like they just put the Joker in there to have him in there!

But one things for sure - Margot Robbie KILLED it as Harley Quinn and the studios knew that and THAT's why they gave her a spin-off film!

Now we finally have the first trailer for "Birds of Prey: And the Fantabulous Emancipation of Harley Quinn"

Now I don't want to be fooled like I was with "Suicide Squad" so I'm coming in with caution - but I'll still go see this movie because I gotta support all my Girl Gangs!!!!

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