Drake is Going To Loan Out his Jet To An NBA Team & It's NOT The Raptors!

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We all know about the OVO Jet - it's dope and I wish I could get a ride on there and you never know, maybe I'll get a chance one day. Especially now that we know Drake is loaning out the jet!

The owner of the Sacramento Kings announced some last minute flight arrangements for his team, they'll be headed to India to play some games! He also got in touch with Drake's camp and cut a deal to have the players and a bunch of the coaching staff to use the Boeing 767 jet!

This will be the first time someone besides Drake uses the plane. At first I was surprised that it wasn't the Toronto Raptors using the flight but after I realized the owner for the Kings cut a deal, it made sense. Now the team can fly to India (which takes 20 hours) in style.

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