Kylie Jenner's Home Surveillance Catches Intruder & Wasn't Finished There

This is scary.

TMZ got footage of the surveillance footage showing a strange man lurking outside of Kylie Jenner's house.

TMZ reported, "Kylie Jenner had an intruder prowling around her property Monday, and the guy wasn't finished with the family because he beelined it over to Kim and Kanye's house.

TMZ has obtained this surveillance video shot from Kylie's security cam at one of her Hidden Hills homes. It shows the prowler around 5 AM rooting around the BBQ area -- possibly looking for a hidden key.

The guy apparently didn't find what he was looking for and bailed, without attempting to break inside."

But he wasn't finished there because the guy then went to Kim and Kanye's home!

TMZ reported, "Our sources tell us the guy went straight to Kim and Kanye's nearby home and somehow got inside their mailbox, located outside the residence. He didn't get far, because security eyed him and the guy beat a hasty retreat.

Our sources say someone from Kylie's team saw the surveillance vid and called the cops."

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