Your Tattoo Might Be Poisoning You! Details Here!


Tattoos have been around for a very long time but in the last 15 years they've become standard. Well according to a new study new research reveals metallic nanoparticles from tattoo needles are slowly poising inked people.

  • A study published in the journal Particle and Fibre Toxicology indicates chomium and nickel particles from tattoo needles enter a recipient's body and eventually amass around lymph nodes, where they're held in place by ink particles from the tattoo. The infiltration can result in the formation of new allergies, the report states. And while the presence of metal in lymph nodes will "poison" a person over time, the eventual severity of the damage is unclear, according to lead researcher Ines Schreiver.

Wait so I have tattoos...and I just recently became allergic to shrimp, is that because of my TATTOO??? WOW!!!

  • "The fact that all pigments and wear particles are deposited in lymph nodes calls for special attention to be placed on allergy development," Schreiver says. "Unfortunately, today, we can’t determine the exact impact on human health and possible allergy development deriving from the tattoo needle wear. These are long-term effects which can only be assessed in long-term epidemiological studies that monitor the health of thousands of people over decades."

Despite the fact that tattoos have been around for an extremely long time, it seems like we still don't know about the long term effects it could have on our body! I doubt this will stop anyone from getting a tattoo but it's good to think about!

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