Kim Kardashian-West Changes Name of Shape-wear Line After Backlash!


A couple months ago Kim Kardashian unveiled her shape wear line - it included a TON of under garments in multiple colors and designs and I was ALL about it! Especially when I saw that she had a one leg version, do you know how many times I can't wear shape wear under a dress with a slit because they're hard to find!

HOWEVER the name kind of took me back - it was because she named the line "Kimono" - I understand that it was a play off her name but a Kimono is a traditional Japanese robe. After the announcement Kim also tried to trademark the word "Kimono." To use that name and trademark it was not ok! Kim received a lot of backlash for the name!

But here is what I love about Kim, she listened and decided to change the name! She could have just stuck to the first name and be done with it but she went back to her team and they came up with a new name!

Kim explained that her followers and fans mean a lot to her and she listened to the comments and now she wants to introduce "SKIMS Solutionwear" - I actually love this new name even more and I can't wait to buy one for myself!!!

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