DaBaby Jumps On Remix To Lizzo's "Truth Hurts." [LISTEN HERE]

Remixes are tricky, sometimes it makes a good song even better or sometimes it ruins something you love.

Well let me tell you - Lizzo's Truth Hurts is MY ISH!! (And it has been forever...not just the last few weeks.) And as much as I LOVE the original when I saw that she and DaBaby were going to drop a remix I was really excited! I love when he said

"I'm thinkin' like what should I do? (Hmm), But I know how you move outta spite, She bigger, I prolly lose in a fight, And I'ma talk my shit but I'm in love with her big fine ass, So I'ma do what she like"

What I like about the remix is that Lizzo didn't take out my favorite line in the beginning of the song "I just took a DNA test..." C'mon that's everyones favorite part!

Take a listen to the remix below!

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