Alex Rodriguez Admits To Having A Fake IG Account!

38th Sports Emmy Awards

No matter how famous you are, or how much money you have if you have kids, you're still just a parent to your kids! Oh poor Alex Rodriguez! So Alex has two daughters, Natasha 14 and Ella 11 and recently confessed in an interview with Barstool Sports that his kids don't let him follow them on Instagram! BUT he says that he has a Burner account!

I was thinking about this though, does that mean his daughters have public accounts? I think anyone under 18 should FOR sure have a Private account. And if their account is Private, does that mean they accepted his "fake account"??? How do they NOT know it's him! Hmmmmmm

Anyways, ARod also confessed that despite the fact that they don't let him follow them, they're fully in charge of his account.

"Oh my gosh, they are like the COO and the CEO of my social media craziness or whatever I do,” - “They're so good. You know, every time I post something -- usually like five out of 10 -- both of them would DM me and say, 'Dad, are you serious?' 'Dad, you know I'm going into high school next year?' 'Dad, this is how bullying starts.' And, I'm like, ‘OK, I'll erase it.’"

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