Did Colin Kaepernick Take A Jab At Jay-Z Over Kneeling Comments?

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Jay-Z and Colin Kaepernick have been in the news a lot this past week because the NFL announced a partnership with Roc Nation and Jay-Z, well during a sit down with Jay-Z and NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell, someone asked Jay-Z if he would kneel during the National Anthem. Jay said “I think we past kneeling. I think it’s time to go into actionable items,”

Well the other day Colin took to twitter to kind of take a jab at those comments from Jay-Z

On top of that sources said that Jay-Z could become a NFL Owner. After that reporters asked NFL Player Eric Reid what he thought about Jay becoming an owner and he said this...

"Jay-Z claimed to be a supporter of Colin, wore his jersey and told people not to perform at the Super Bowl because of the treatment that the NFL did to Colin and now he's going to be a part-owner...it's kind of despicable."

Baltimore Ravens v Carolina Panthers

THENNNNNN news came out that apparently Jay-Z was working with the NFL last year! I truly believe that the sit down that happened last week was a way to ease Jay into the NFL before it would come out that he would become an owner! I also don't think this will be the end of this news. It's going to continue!

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