Lizzo Is Working On New Music & You Won't Believe Who She's Working With!

BET Awards 2019 - Roaming Show

2019 has been a HUGE year for Lizzo and I'm all about it! I seriously LOVE LOVE LOVE her and can't wait to see her perform live!

So while she's enjoying her track "Truth Hurts" returning to the number 1 spot on the U.S. iTunes chart, it also looks like she's working on new music! The other day Justin Timberlake shared a BTS video of him working with Lizzo on a new track! But that's NOT all - MEEK MILL is in the background!!! DOPE!!!

I literally freaked out when I saw that these three were working together!! Now here's the thing, I think I know what it's for!

So Lizzo dropped a new album this year - yes granted she could be dropping a deluxe version of the album BUT I actually feel like they might be working on a new track for the upcoming Trolls Movie! Next year Trolls World Tour is coming out and Justin Timberlake is starring in the movie! And if you remember when the last Troll movie came out, Justin dropped "Can't Stop The Feeling" which was on the soundtrack for the movie.

But I could be wrong, it could be a track for any of them!

So that's my guess, I think JT is trying to make another anthem for the movie and it will feature Lizzo!!!! Either way, just give me the music! I need it in my life!

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