Donald Trump Fat Shamed One Of His Supporters!

Donald Trump Holds MAGA Campaign Rally In New Hampshire

Well that's the pot calling the kettle black! WOW!! Ok so I know that's an old saying but it fits so well right now!! So Donald Trump was recently at a rally and called out one of his supporters!

There were a number of protestors and Trump called one out and said "That guy has a serious weight problem! Go Home, start exercising!"

WOW!!!! That's the President guys! So turns out that the guy is actually a Trump Supporter! He was taking signs from the protestors and ripping them up and Trump confused him with one of the protestors!

The guy is Frank Dawson and he's a vet and has been in law enforcement for 31 years! He didn't seem offended by the comments at all because he knew Trump didn't realize he was on his side.

Here's my thing, had Trump known he was a Trump supporter, would he have said the same thing? Probably not! Trump only wants to insult people who go against him. The President is supposes to set an example for the rest of the country and Trump always finds a way to be a rude, hateful, awful human being!

BTW Trump is the LAST person to tell someone to go exercise...that's all I will say!

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