Megan Thee Stallion Delays Her Next Single, Is It Because Of Nicki Minaj?

2019 BET Awards- Social Ready Content

A few days ago Megan Thee Stallion took to instagram to share a snippet of her new song "Hot Girl Summer" and told her fans that she would be dropping the song today!!

Well the track was suppose to drop today but sadly we didn't get it. But Megan gave us the heads up, she said we would have to wait one more week!

Most fans were understanding about the delay but others started speculating that the reason there is a delay because Megan decided to add Nicki Minaj to the song! So earlier this week Megan and Nicki did an IG Live together and just showed so much love and support for each other, so really it wouldn't be surprising that the two would actually work together.

I'd love to hear a track with Megan and Nicki...especially a track called "Hot Girl Summer."

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