Tristan Thompson is Defending his Ex Khloé & Setting the Record Straight!

Tristan Thompson is no stranger to rumors going on about him, but he wasn't having it with this particular rumor! According to "reports" Tristan was getting back together with his Ex and baby mama Jordan Craig! The rumor started because of a photo that Tristan posted of his son Prince on a boat!

People assumed that Tristan was with Jordan and their son on vacation in Jamaica. But Tristan actually wasn't there - he just posted the photo of his son!

Tristan decided to take to twitter to clear up the rumors! Check out what he said about getting back together with his ex and later defending Khloé.

Khloé has received a lot of hate because they believe that Tristan and Jordan were still together when they started dating! However Khloé says that Tristan told her he was single. She said Tristan even had his friends and lawyer tell her he was single. And on top of that she said she was shown lots of conversations between Tristan and Jordan to prove that they were no longer together and broke up well before Tristan and Khloé ever met!

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