Who Is Wendy Williams New Much Younger Man?!

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Wendy Williams has had a YEAR. She was missing from her show for awhile, she revealed she was living in a sober living home, she filed for divorce, her son and her ex husband got into a fight and now after all that, she's just trying to live her best life! Case and point the other day she posted this photo...

Clearly she was hanging out with a new dude. So who is this guy?! At first we didn't know just by looking at part of his leg and one of his shoes...but looks like Wendy flew her new man to NY to hang out with her. Apparently his name is Marc Tomblin and he's 27 and she's 54!!!

Marc is a fashion designer in LA. He does have a bit of a past but I can understand that everyone makes mistakes! I don't even want to put it out there what he did because it seems like he learned his lesson. Check out a photo of Wendy and Marc together in NY!

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