Was David Ortiz Shot Because He Slept With A Drug Lord's Wife?!

Toronto Blue Jays v Boston Red Sox

First off, we wish David Ortiz "Big Papi" a speedy recovery! It was pretty scary hearing that he was shot at a club in the Dominican Republic! Doctors said they had to remove his gallbladder, part of his intestine and his liver was damaged. However he was stable enough to fly to Boston on a private jet that the Red Sox sent for him!

But now we're hearing that there might have been a reason behind the shooting. According to authorities in the Dominican Republic believe David Ortiz was shot by two police officers hired by the drug lord who thought David had an affair with his wife!

Of course at the moment these are just rumors. A lot of those rumors started after this video surfaced online of two woman fighting at the hospital where David was. Some said one of the women was his sister, but others said that it was David's wife and the mistress fighting!

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