Here's Why Cardi B Isn't Slowing Down Anytime Soon!

Cardi B made the announcement about a new song that would be released this Friday.

The “Please Me” rapper took to her Instagram with the release date posted across her chest as she posed in a leopard-printed bodysuit, with her hands in handcuffs while sitting on a courtroom stand.

Cardi previewed the single, “PRESS” back in December and it has since received over 100 million views.


There's no doubt that Cardi B isn't slowing down when it comes to her "schmoney" and spares no expense when it comes to her baby girl Kulture. She put down $80K for diamond accessories for her daughter.

Cardi shared some of the pictures of some of the ice she picked up for her 10-month old in a social media post.

"Just spent a bag on my daughter," Cardi said in the post. "You know a bad b**ch gonna spoil, If I'm iced-out my daughter gotta be too."

The post has since been deleted but you know someone grabbed screenshots of the nine diamond bracelets and the diamond earrings.

Meanwhile, we out here rocking our cubic zirconias making our ears green and red. lol

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