Maluma Issues Statement Regarding Kissing His Mom!

So on Mother's day, Maluma posted a photo of him and his Mom! In the photo they are kissing! Check it out below!

Well, let me tell you, A LOT of people reacted to his photo! One fan posted a comment that said

“Idk about that kiss w/ Maluma & his mom s— was way too passionate.”

Well the response was so overwhelming that Maluma's reps felt like they needed to issue a statement! Here is what his rep told People Magazine

“The beautiful thing is that he has been accepted in the American music market with open arms, and I think, now, where we are in this world with music, it’s really global. Now people are going to be able to see different sides of our culture in different ways,” - “It’s normal in Latin culture especially if you’re the only son or the baby of the house." - “It’s affection and a form of respect. He’s open about who he is and his cultural values, this is just part of it,.”

I definitely believe that people have different traditions and they should all be embraced! But in my personal opinion, as long as there is no tongue!! ;)

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