Cardi B’s Fashion Nova Collection Launch Was Almost As Extra As She Is

Fashion Nova Presents: Party With Cardi

Fashion brands partnering with major female artists seems like an instant recipe for success; it originally started with Rihanna lucratively pairing up with Puma which resulted in a multi-million dollar empire. Global sportswear and street-wear brand, Adidas has recently forged a business relationship with Beyonce and are expecting to release new items as well as reviving Beyonce’s 2016 clothing line, “Ivy Park.” Recently, Cardi B just launched her second collection with Fashion Nova which is now, the most sought after fast-fashion eCommerce in the world.

The proud Bronx-raised rapper’s first collection with Fashion Nova sold out in a matter of minutes and in preparation for the same reaction to her second collection launch. The owner, Richard Saghian produced five times the amount of fashion pieces for their second collection with Cardi B and it still managed to sell out within roughly 24 hours. Earning in over 1 million dollars within the first day, Fashion Nova has established a multiple collection deal with Cardi B and expects to have future collaborations with her, seasonally.

The star-studded launch event was accompanied by all artists alike such as, Blueface, Lil Nas X, YG, Lil Romeo, Master P, and much more. The extravagant event was held at the Hollywood Palladium and was plastered with the rapper’s name all over the venue as well as the inside which featured a tropical viewing of her personally designed clothing line. The launch also consisted of many Hip Hop performances which, of course, had to include the one and only, Cardi B.

The 26-year-old rap-star is extremely appreciated for her authenticity and personality quirks which are constantly used as humorous content all over the internet. Cardi B’s focus on feminism, transparency, and honesty makes her feel like a member of everyday society as she is known for being down-to-earth but in her own unique way. Powerfully, Cardi B’s legacy with Fashion Nova has marked a new generation of fashion business where fans can expect their musical favorites to be at the forefront of their most-liked clothing brands.

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