Will Kevin Durant Play in Game 6????

Golden State Warriors v Houston Rockets - Game Three

If you watched last nights Warriors / Rockets game then you saw when Kevin Durant had to be pulled from the game during the third quarter because of an injury!

Warriors walked away with the W but a lot of fans were concerned for KD! At first a lot of fans thought it might have been an Achilles injury, thankfully it was not! Turns out it was more of a right calf strain. But it's bad enough that he might not be ok to play in tomorrow's Game 6!

According to ESPN KD is set to get an MRI today and then they'll be able to see if he will be ok to play.

After the game Coach Steve Kerr said "We're all obviously disappointed for him and excited about the win, but concerned for Kevin and disappointed for him. He's been on this incredible playoff run, and I'm proud of our guys for pulling the game out. And we'll see how Kevin's doing tomorrow."

We're going to send KD some good vibes! You never want an athlete to have to deal with an injury!

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