Apparently THIS Is Why You Didn't See Khloé Kardashian At The Met Gala!

As you know the MET Gala is a HUGE fashion event and for the past few years Kim Kardashian and her sisters Kylie and Kendal have attended the event and showed up to slay!!!

This year all of their outfits were AMAZING!!!!! But how come Khloé and Kourtney weren't at the event? I actually don't think either of them have been to the MET Gala.

Well apparently we know why, so the MET Gala is an invite only event and who's in charge of that list? Vogue Editor Anna Wintour. According to sources Khloé is not famous enough to attend the event. Sources said that Anna thinks she is "too C-List" to be invited!

So of course the this is just a rumor and it's not confirmed but DAMNNNNNNNN if that's the reason that's pretty savage but if you know anything about Anna Wintour then you shouldn't be surprised!!!

According to the insider, they suggested that Khloé has been banned from the Met Gala and would never get an invite. Ouch!

Don't worry Khloé, we'll probably never get an invite either so it's ok! Lets start our own MET Gala!

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