Is Jhene Aiko Singing About Big Sean In Her New Song?

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Jhene recently dropped a new single called "Triggered (Freestyle)" and some fans are speculating that she's singing about her ex Big Sean!

Now obviously people are going to assume that since that was her last relationship, but Jhene could always be pulling from other relationships that she was in or maybe a friends story inspired the song!

Unless Jhene says the song is about Sean, we will never truly know. But take a listen and read some of the lyrics and be the judge! In the beginning of the song Jhene seems to be blaming her partner for messing up but towards the end she also takes the some blame as well.

HOWEVER!!!!! Remember last month when Jhene left Big Sean this long comment on his IG?! She used a very specific word that makes me kind of feel like the song could be about Big Sean! That word was "Trigger" - check out the IG post below!

Take a listen to the track below! Plus here are some of the lyrics!

Go figure

You were the trigger

You brought me to an obstructed view

When you knew the picture was bigger

Who am I kiddin'?

Knew from the beginning

You'd ruin everything, you do it every time

You are my enemy, you are no friend of mind, muhfucker

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