Travis Scott & Kid Cudi Get Matching Tattoos!!!

Travis Scott’s Birthday recently and you know, he went all out! Not only did he have his own Billboard thanks to Kylie, but he had a HUGE Party!

They transformed a Universal studios backlot into a gas station convenience store, they had Travis Scott branded stuff, like paper towels, glass cleaner etc.

Ohhh and a lot of people came out to celebrate - Big Boy, Kanye, Kim, Young Thug, Quavo, French Montana, G-Eazy and more!

Another thing they did, was give Tattoos!! So what did Travis and his Bestie Kid Cudi do?! They got matching Tattoos!!! They both got “Rager” on their hands!

Kid Cudi’s alter ego is “Mr. Rager” - and Travis has idolized Kid Cudi for a long time and they’ve worked together! So it’s pretty fitting!

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