PNB Rock Talks New Album, Nipsey Hussle, Regretting His Tattoos & More

Just days before PnB Rock's new album "TrapStar Turnt PopStar" releases, the Philadelphia rapper stopped by The Cruz Show to talk to J Cruz, DJ Lezlee, and Jeff Garcia about the album in depth, along with many other topics. The interview started off with Cruz asking PnB about some random but hilarious topics, ranging from wild party stories to what he would do if he had 5 minutes with Rihanna. Cruz goes on to talk to PnB about elevating and growing as an artist, to which he responded: "It's different levels...I was a trap star, now I'm a pop star."

PnB embodies the persona of a "popstar"; The rapper explained his personal definition of this phrase, saying "The popstar side is me having fun...I'm not stressing out, I'm waking up in foreign places." This is a stark contrast to his self proclaimed "Trapstar side." PnB describes this as "that pain...that struggle" that was prevalent in the songs that he has released in the past. His new album, "TrapStar Turnt Popstar" is a symbol of his transition from his old life into his newer, happier life. he expresses this in the lyrics and energy of his newer songs: "Fans were on my ass...saying 'we want that old PnB, that struggle and pain'...[I'm not] going through the same pain no more, I'm happy now." He credits his fans for giving him inspiration to make an album that addresses both sides of his life, saying "It was perfect, it made me touch on my old ways...telling a few stories about what I done been through."

Cruz then asks PnB Rock about the death of Nipsey Hussle and how that effected him. The rapper said that he "had a personal relationship with [Nipsey]" and that he "shed [his] tears and prayed for [Nipsey's] family." PnB also said that Hussle's "legacy is gonna live on forever, he opened people's eyes and everyone is trying to get their shit together now."

Jeff Garcia closed the interview off on a lighter note, asking PnB if he regrets any of his tattoos. His response? "All of them, every single one of them...I don't got no meaningful tattoos."

PnB Rock's new album "TrapStar Turnt PopStar" drops on May 3rd.

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