Lil Nas X Talks About Country Trap, Dave East, Rising Fame & What's Next

By now, just about everyone on the face of the Earth has "Yeeaaahh I'm gonna take my horse to the Old Town Road..." permanently stuck in their head. Lil Nas X took the world by storm with the release of his hit single "Old Town Road" in December of last year. Videos of people of all ages dancing to the song dressed in cowboy attire flooded the internet, making "Country Trap" the center of attention in the music world, with Lil Nas X at the forefront. The 20 year old Atlanta native came by the Cruz Show to talk about his breakout hit, as well as the internet, critics, and what his next steps are.

Cruz and Dj Lechero start the interview off by asking Lil Nas X what his message is to the Country Charts after "Old Town Road" reached number 19 and was disqualified on the grounds that it did not fit the country genre. Before Lil Nas X could answer, Cruz and Lechero broke out singing lyrics from his song that made the perfect response: "Can't nobody tell me nothinggg."

When asked what he is working on now, Lil Nas X couldn't give details, but assured us that "Big things are on the way." Furthermore, Cruz asked him about the pressure of following up such a popular breakout single, to which Lil Nas X responded saying that "Once you get a huge single, your next thing doesn't have to be having a song thats bigger, just keep doing big things...thats what I want to do." Cruz then asked him if he would stick to the "Country Trap" genre, and after thinking about it for a second, he said "Im gonna do it when it feels right, but I'm not gonna force it to work on every song...thats how you f*ck yourself up: by trying to make the same song over and over again."

His response to Dave East's public criticism of the hit song? "I have the number one song in the country...I don't give a f*ck what nobody says."

The most interesting part of the interview was Cruz addressing the rumors that Lil Nas X was a huge Nicki Minaj fan and used to run fan accounts for her, and asking him if he wanted to comment on it. Lil Nas X promptly responded with an uncomfortable "Noooooo...where did you read that?" Dj Lechero capped the interview off by (unsuccessfully) trying to teach Lil Nas X some Spanish phrases. ¡A huevo, primo!

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