H.E.R's "Hard Place" Music Video Is Really Revealing

Bay Area native H.E.R just released her highly anticipated music video for her Grammy performed song, “Hard Place” which helped her win best R&B Album of the year for her album/EP, “H.E.R.” The music video depicts the facially ambiguous singer in a way many of us haven’t seen her before as she performs very candidly and openly; revealing most of her face as Gabi Wilson. The 21-year-old musician took on the artist name H.E.R early on in her career which stands for “Having Everything Revealed” and she is slowly beginning to do that after receiving two Grammys for her outstanding efforts as well as three other nominations.

The influence of Alicia Keys has heavily impacted H.E.R’s career which was first seen in her performance on the Today Show when she was only 10 years old as a prodigy of the piano. The music video displays H.E.R’s emotional relationship with a man who is trying to break into the music industry as well as her rise to the top and her biggest staged performances. Relating to her stage name, Wilson is healing herself and pleasing the ears of many through her powerful songs which reveal some of her most vulnerable moments.

The future for H.E.R remains very bright as she is beginning to be more personal with her physical appearances. “Hard Place” is her longest music video to date and also gives the audience the most glimpses into her personal life. The Alicia Key’s inspired vocalist and pianist continues to leave audiences in awe and most importantly in tears with her strong voice and touching lyrics. With just 21 years of life and a career spanning over a decade, the female artist has mastered multiple instruments, performed on some of America’s biggest stages, as well as won two of America’s most highly-esteemed musical awards and she is only just starting…

Photo Credits to Arturo Evaristo (@artcrooks)

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