Drake Talks About The "Drake Curse" - What Did He Say?

Yes we've all heard about The Drake Curse!! And if not then, what have you been doing?! JK!

Ok so the Drake Curse is apparently when Drake supports a team or an athlete and then that team or athlete tends to lose! It's happened so many times that now people really believe in the Drake Curse! One soccer team even banned their players from taking photos with Drake until the season ends!

This of course doesn't stop Drake from supporting his favorite teams, especially when it comes to basketball! Right now Drake's team The Raptors are in the playoffs and they just won! So while Drake was leaving last nights game he told reporters

"You want me to talk about the curse or you good?!"

I love that Drake addresses the curse, if you remember during the NFL playoffs Drake wore a shirt with all of the teams on it, that way he wouldn't just curse one of them!

Now we'll have to wait and see if Drake's team can make it pass the next round!

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