Beyonce Drops A Surprise Album!!

We knew the Netflix special was coming when Netflix dropped a trailer for it a week ago, but that's NOT all that Beyonce gave us!

So yes Beyonce's Homecoming: A Film by Beyoncé - a Netflix Special dropped last night and it's an in depth look at her Coachella performance from last year. We get cameos from Jay-Z, Blue Ivy, Rumi and Sir and we get to see how much work actually went into this AMAZING performance!

As you know Beyoncé performed at both weekends so the special cuts in and out between both performances!

Beyoncé also goes into detail about the concept behind BAK - “I felt like people wanted me to stay in my little box. I could have worn my flower crown, but it was more important to bring our culture to Coachella.”

I loved the special so much and can't wait to get home and watch it AGAIN!

So not only did she drop the the Netflix special but a Surprise album to go along with it! However it's not filled with new music but that's ok because it's a Live Version of the concert!

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