Soulja Boy Arrested!! What Did He Do This Time??

Things are not looking good for Soulja Boy right now! According to reports He was arrested and is being held in custody!

So remember back in February when the police came to his home to investigate a situation where a woman claimed that Soulja kidnapped her and assaulted her

AND Then the cops found ammunition at his house, which because he’s on probation he is not allowed to have!!!

Well he showed up in court the other day to deal with that situation and the judge said he violated his probation by allegedly trying to falsify evidence that would prove he completed mandatory community service that was suppose to serve!

Following Thursday’s court hearing, Soulja was arrested and is currently being held without bail. He will remain in custody until his next hearing on April 30, according to The Blast.

The crazy part was that he just announced new music and now this might hold some of that up!

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