Beyonce Is Working On New Music...But There's A Catch!

YESSSSSSS!!!! Ahhh I've been wanting new music from Beyonce for so long! Yes I know she dropped "Everything is Love" with Jay-Z last year - BUT we all know I love Beyonce and so I'm always here for new music!

According to a source Beyonce is working on new music HOWEVER there is a catch! She is NOT working on a new album, she's just working on a few new songs and will be putting out an album of old and new songs!

Beyonce will have a busy 2019, in a few months Disney will be releasing The Lion King and as you know Beyonce plays "Nala" in the movie!

AND that's not all! Beyonce is also working on a Netflix special! The Netflix special will include footage from her 2018 Coachella performance plus never before seen footage!

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