Wait...Why Isn't Will Smith Going To Be In "Suicide Squad 2"???

Sadly, Suicide Squad wasn't the BEST film out there! Honestly, I was very excited for the movie but it seemed all over the place for me! Despite the movie not being the best DC is still movie forward with a sequel! However it looks like Will Smith will not be in the sequel!

Even though I didn't love the movie it did bring in a LOT of money - $746 million at the box office!

So why is Will not coming back to play Deadshot?! Apparently it came down to scheduling. Will is busy filming Bad Boys 3 right now and soon he'll be doing a huge press tour for Aladdin! But there are no hard feelings between Will and the studios!

No word just yet on who actually is coming back for the sequel but James Gunn will be directing the movie and apparently it will come out August 6th 2021!

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