Big Sean and Ariana Grande Spotted Together! What Does It Mean?!

I don't want to be that person but...I CALLED IT!!!! Ok so Ariana's dating life has been a roller coaster but after she broke off her engagement to Pete Davidson she kind of put it out there that she wanted an Ex to know she was thinking about him!

Yes first Ariana said that Sean could "Still Get It" - Details on that HERE!

THENNNNNN Ariana dropped her album and there was a track on the album "Break Up with Your GirlFriend, I'm Bored" - and a lot of people thought she was talking to Sean in this song! More details on that HERE!

WELL guess who was just spotted out together?!!? YUP!!


According to TMZ...

The exes were cozied up in Sean's car Wednesday night outside a recording studio in Los Angeles. For the record, Ariana was at the studio first, Big Sean showed up after ... and she came outside for the reunion. Ariana showed off one of her pooches to her ex-bae ... great excuse to get closer. BTW, they left together in his ride. 

I'm telling you, this is just the beginning, either they're going to make new music together or get together and I'm ok with both!

CLICK HERE to see the photo proof!!

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