Is Starbucks Teaming Up with Marijuana?!

I am obsessed with's one of my favorite places, I drink coffee everyday and I even have a collection of Starbucks mugs at my house! SOOOOO When I heard the news that Starbucks could become the first coffee chain to feature cannabis-infused drinks. This all according to some it's not confirmed by apparently they think its going to happen!

According to Yahoo Finance they think CBD will reach $16 Billion in retail by 2025 and because of the popularity we'll see CBD make it's way into to other products down the line!

However Starbucks CEO Kevin Johnson said that while it’s paying attention to the trend, right now adding cannabis to Starbucks’ menu isn’t currently in the company’s plans.

I'm sure a lot of people are making their own Starbucks Cannabis drinks at home though!

I use to make my own crazy drinks when I worked at Starbucks!

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