Lil Pump Shares Video of Miami-Dade Officer Shouting at Him [WATCH]

Lil Pump posted a video of a Miami-Dade officer shouting at him, and although there is not an indication as to when the video was recorded, it’s safe to say that the officer wasn’t happy about Pump's demeanor.

Pump is seen in the video cursing at the officer about a bag that he says wasn’t his, the officer got face to face with Pump and screamed, “Calm Down!”

Pump repeated in a lower tone, "That's not my bag! That's not my bag!"

"I don't care," the officer said taunting him. "It's your bag now."

According to public record, Pump has a disorderly conduct case that is pending, the case was entered on December 14th and Pump is due back in court on February 25th. Pump has been arrested before, right after his 18th birthday for driving without a license in Little Havana.

Do you think that cameras have made police more or less cautious about how they do their jobs?

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