Did Netflix Just Cancel Your Favorite Show??


I hate when you find a show you love, binge it, look forward to a new season and then all of a sudden - it's CANCELLED! This happens so often now because so many TV shows are being made, especially on Netflix!

Well three huge shows have been cancelled on Netflix and the first one really bummed me out!


Ok this show was kind of low key and I'm sure not for everyone, but the writing was SO on point and every character was amazing! It was funny, sad and sweet all at the same time! PLUS the last episode in Season 2 left me with so many questions and now I'll never know what happened!! NOT COOL Netflix! Ok next...


We kind of say this one coming! Slowly Netflix had been cancelling all of their Marvel shows. Last year they gave "Luke Cage" "Daredevil" and "Iron Fist" the axe, and now this one! But it wasn't the only Marvel show...


Now this one sucks because it's the only Marvel Netflix Show that I really liked! It was hard for me to get into "Luke Cage" and "Iron Fist" - but not Jessica Jones! The only good news is that Season 3 of "Jessica Jones" will still air!

I have a feeling all this is happening because Disney is getting ready to debut their streaming service and everything Disney/Marvel will air on that service.

Sighhhhh - now I have to go find some new shows to obsess over! Good thing "On My Block" is coming back in March!

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