WHAT THE?!!? Did Cardi B Just Deleted Her Instagram??

Fresh off her Grammy Win, Cardi B isn't just celebrating, she's snapping back at the haters!! In a video she posted, and now deleted she talks about the Haters and critics. Heads up, there are some bad words in there!

"However, I'm seeing a lot of sh*t today and I saw a lot of bullsh*t last night... I work hard for my motherf***kin album. I remember last year when I didn't win for 'Bodak Yellow' and everyone was like 'Cardi got snubbed...' Now it's a motherf***kin problem?!,"

Ughhhh - can we just let Cardi live people?!!?! Let her enjoy her win and have some fun!! This is probably the reason she SHUT down her Instagram! At the moment, when you look up "@iamCardiB" - it says "User Not Found."

I'm sure Cardi will be back but hopefully it's sooner rather than later! We love you Cardi!!!!

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