Lil Baby Arrested For Reckless Driving

Lil Baby has been arrested in Atlanta. 

There's video circulating on social media that shows the 24-year-old rapper lying facedown on the street while being handcuffed. 

Soon after, the Georgia State Patrol confirmed he was pulled over for failing to use a turn signal, reckless driving and fleeing or attempting to elude authorities. 

A trooper "observed an orange Chevrolet Corvette fail to signal when changing lanes. It increased its speed and began passing vehicles in a reckless manner in a high pedestrian area," the statement read. " He began weaving between cars at a high rate of speed. As the trooper began to catch up, the Corvette got stuck in heavy traffic. … As the trooper got behind the vehicle, he attempted to accelerate and change lanes."

Lil Baby was eventually pulled over and cooperated with police, who ordered him to get out of his vehicle and lie on the ground. Officers add that a crowd gathered during the arrest but remained peaceful.

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