230 New Emojis Coming! We've been Waiting Forever For This One Emoji!

It's that time of year - when we get NEW Emojis!!! Yes 230 brand new Emoji's for all of us! I'm super excited for some of them. Like a Skunk, which can be used if something stinks! Also a Sloth, this I will be using when I'm running late and want to be cute!!

Also there is a "pinch" emoji, which I feel can be used if you want to say "Just a little bit" or pair it with a peach and you know what that means! AND YES there is another way you can use it, but I won't go there, but the ladies know what I mean!

There is also different variations of people, a few more animals, a waffle, butter and garlic! Check out the video below to get a preview of all the new emojis!!

(Photo Credit: Youtube Video)

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