Suge Knight Calls Cardi B ‘The Female Version Of Tupac’

Even behind bars, Suge Knight seems to be calling the shots on an upcoming Tupac release, Knight says that

Pac would’ve loved to work with Drake, Beyoncé and Cardi B, who he says is the female version of the rap legend.

"Cardi B is probably the most aggressive entertainer in the biz today," Suge said of the 'Money' rapper. "I think

she’s the female version of Tupac. Tupac with a skirt. Yeah.”

Suge’s son, Suge Knight Jr claims that Tupac is still alive with new music on the way and that he’s launching a new Death Row label. He also put up a picture of Cardi with the caption, “Bardi B #NEWDEATHROWSH*T”

Do you believe that Tupac is still alive? If Tupac was alive who would you want to hear him work with?

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