Did Drake Give Two Fast Food Workers 10K Each???

" It's just a lil' 10-piece for her, Just to blow it in the mall, doesn't mean that we're involved" - Drake!

Ahhhh, when lyrics come true! It's never surprising when you hear that Drake gave money to someone! Hello, we've all seen the "God's Plan" music video! But it's still a beautiful thing when it happens! Apparently Drake went into a McDonalds the other day and handed two of the female workers TEN THOUSAND DOLLARS EACH!!!


That is so cool, man!!! How come I wasn't working there lol!

There's no confirmation from Drake that this happened, this is all according to someone who saw it go down. Which makes it even better because Drake isn't out here filming it and trying to get tons of internet love for it! He did however post a photo of him at THAT McDonalds, but was hush hush about giving away the money!

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