Why Are Some People Mad At The Black Panther Cast?

So last night the Black Panther cast WON Outstanding Performance by a Cast in a Motion Picture. And it was a beautiful moment! I mean Chadwick's speech was a bit long and I kept wondering...."What is Michael B. Jordan wearing?!" HAHA! I'll get to THAT one in a second but apparently it was something that Chadwick DIDN'T do that made some fans upset!

If you saw the speech you might have realized he left two people out and that was Stan Lee and Jack Kirby! Stan and Jack created the character Black Panther and don't forget Stan Lee passed away a couple months ago! 

That made fans crazy on Twitter. Combine that with the fact that Lee wasn't mentioned during the "In Memoriam" portion of the show and you've got a real problem with Marvel fans. 

After the win, Michael B. Jordan did that Lee and Kirby when he made comments after the win, but fans didn't think that was enough.

Obviously super fans of the comic would be upset, but you have to remember this isn't the first time someone has forgotten someone during an acceptance speech! Some people have forgotten their partners haha! So I don't think Chadwick did it on purpose, I just think he was really shocked by the win and it was on accident. 

NOW on to Michael B. Jordan, did you see that holster thing he was wearing, well some thought "Oh maybe there is a special meaning behind it!?" - NOPE!! 

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