The Game Defends His Kim Kardashian Lyrics For The First Time

The Game speaks out about his Kim Kardashian lyrics for the first time since a snippet of the track surfaced on the internet last week.

Last week, a snippet of The Game's new track surfaced the internet causing a lot of chatter.

In the lyrics, he graphically details an alleged sexual encounter with Kim Kardashian.

"I held Kim Kardashian by her throat n**** / I made her swallow my kids until she choked n**** / I should apologize, 'cause 'Ye my folks n**** / This for all my Vicelords and locs, n****," he raps.

This track is supposed to be on his upcoming album 'Born To Rap" and a lot of people are wondering if The Game regrets his decision about that line.

No, he doesn't. He called up The Neighborhood this morning and spoke on it.

Part 1:

The Game Part. 1

Part 2:

The Game Part. 2

Part: 3

The Game Part. 3

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