Here is a Sneak Peek of Cardi B's Super Bowl Commerical!!


We're less than a week away till the Super Bowl and I can't wait to see all the commercials! Granted we get to see a lot of them before the big game, which sometimes sucks, but oh well! So a couple weeks ago it came out that Cardi B was going to be in a Pepsi Commercial! Now we found out not is Cardi B in it, but also Steve Carell and Lil Jon! ALSO Steve tries to do his best "Okurrrr" HAHA! 


I'm hoping that they are holding back and there will be more when the commercial final airs on Sunday.

And Cardi B isn't the only one that will be in a SB commercial - Chance the Rapper and the Backstreet Boys will star in a commercial for Doritos! Check out a preview below!



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