Do Drake & Soulja Boy Have Music On the Way?!

Don't lie, when we say Drake's name now we all say "DRAKKKE" - we can't help it and we owe it all to Soulja Boy!! So you remember Soulja Boy was saying that Drake owes his whole flow to Soulja Boy! Well now apparently the two are going to be working on new music together! 

What I love about Drake is that even when people try and put him on blast, he's not about pushing people away, he brings them in! 

(Photo credit: Getty Images)

Well according to some leaked DM's - Drake will be working with Soulja Boy! Check out the allegeded DM's below! Now granted, I would say, take it with a grain of salt! Anyone can use photoshop and make it look like real DM's! So until Drake or Soulja Boy actually say it or I hear that track, I won't believe it! BUT if it does happen, you heard it HERE!! ;)  

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